Big Foot: The Ape That has Eluded Man Since the Beginning of Time?

Posted by on July 13, 2010

The mysterious Sasquatch- Legend or reality?

It has been seen all over the world, it has gone by many names: Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti; now the time has come to decide: are all these sightings a hoax, or is there an illusive ape in the wild?

Well, we’ll never really know until we’re sure( get my meaning?), but something is obvious, isn’t it. Sure it’s possible, but the chances of a worldwide conspiracy to spread a myth about an undiscovered ape doesn’t seem likely. I mean, the advantages of having people running around in ape suits would be…? Improbable as it may be, we must remember that it is possible; possible, but hardly.

Some time ago, the discovery channel had a show on this very topic. A group of scientists got together and studied the evidence for Sasquatch. They examined foot prints, videos, sounds, and even saliva all supposedly of a Sasquatch. My favorite part of the show was when three or four scientists were examining a plaster cast. It was a cast of what was claimed to be an indentation of where a Sasquatch slept. The purpose of the examination was ‘to find a hair for DNA research.’ What was funny about this was the way they went about finding that hair. One of the scientists had long, black hair, and as he bent over the cast, examining it, his hair was brushing it. Then, he drew his head in a little, to where his hair had been, and promptly found a hair… Amazing!  Despite this, the hair was sent along to a lab to be DNA tested. The lab also had a mushroom which had supposedly been bitten into by a Sasquatch. Both tests returned negative.

Some of the video footage was more encouraging, however. The most famous clip, the one where the ape walks over a log and then into some woods, and a clip shot on memorial day were the most closely examined. The former clip came out positive. After a detailed examination, in which almost every aspect of the clip was studied, Many scientists declared the clip genuine. Such factors as a ‘bulge’ in the leg of the Sasquatch and the texture of the fur were taken into account. The bulge was explained by the probable placement of muscles. The fur would have had to been made better than a Hollywood premium suit, because that’s what it was tested against. Suspicious?

The other video, the one shot on Memorial Day, shows a Sasquatch running across a field and into some woods. Many people who had seen the video thought it looked as if the Sasquatch could run faster than any human ever could. This theory was dispelled, however, when the course was marked out and ran by a human and then compared to the video. The human runner ran significantly faster. One other odd thing about the Sasquatch, though, is that near the end, just before it enters the woods, it appears to grow suddenly in hieght by abklout two or three feet. Although they are unsure as to what the cause of this could be, most think the Sasquatch was carrying a baby and that it lifted it onto its head. In my opinion, this sounds reasonable.

A recording of some sounds said to be made by a Sasquatch were also examined. To me, they sounded something like a cross between a wolf howl and a monkey. An experienced expert in the field of animal sounds played them over and over several times. He said that they sounded like nothing he had ever heard before.

Over all, the studies seemed to point to an unidentified ape living world wide. Several scientists stated that they were convinced that Sasquatch existed. The question remains, however, how on earth can an entire species go unnoticed, while other species of ape and monkey have been thoroughly studied? We don’t know… yet. Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to “Big Foot: The Ape That has Eluded Man Since the Beginning of Time?”

  1. Elven Lord Says:

    Actually it’s a hoax. This seems not to have gotten very far around, but the guy who was doing it confessed a long time ago. He was about to die and decided to end the joke. He showed some important people where his costume was and revealed everything that was to be revealed about it. There was a video, but at this point (I just looked) it’s under so much other junk that you’ll never find it. It’s sad really that the world has to go on with more of this stupid stuff in it’s scare stories.

  2. He Who Knows Says:

    Really? Interesting. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that.

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