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The Loch Ness Monster: A prehistoric beast, or imagination?

Friday, September 10th, 2010

There is a lake in northern Scotland known as Loch Ness. This lake, cold, deep, and dark, is said to be the home of a monster. Sounds pretty spooky right? Okay, maybe not. This mystery remains unsolved (in case you didn’t know), so, let’s first look at it assuming there is nothing in the loch, and then look at it assuming there is.

A man is driving by Loch Ness one fine day, and happens to notice an old log floating in the water. He comments that it slightly resembles a long-necked reptile. His passenger, a news-reporter who is faced with the proposition of no job unless he can get a new story soon, seizes on the idle words. Tomorrow’s headline reads: Man Barely Escapes from Encounter with Ferocious Monster at Loch Ness. Okay, it wouldn’t be that long. But the point is, it’s possible isn’t it? Someone makes a remark that sparks someone else’s interest. The someone else tells his friend, his friend tells his friend, his friend tells his brother, his brother tells his aunt, his aunt tells her son, her son tells Jo down the street, and Jo down the street tells Bob, who happens to be a news reporter. By that time, the story has been warped from a harmless tree branch in a lake to a life-and-death struggle between a beast armed with 5-foot long teeth, 9-foot long claws, and eyes the size of UFOs, and a man with a stick. Then people start to look for the terrible ‘Loch Ness Monster.’ As they drive by, guess what they see? A tree branch situated next to a rock and an apple? No! The Loch Ness Monster! You can still hear the screams as they speed away at 90 miles an hour. The Myth grows.

Now, look at it assuming that there is something in the lake. After all, who knows? The reports could be true. If there is a creature in the lake, how did it get there? Probably the same way all the other animals get in lakes (and no, not by evolution). What would this creature be? A long necked Plesiosaur as so many of the reports say? Or possibly a Giant Seal? Whatever it is, the reports seem to agree that it is big.

The reports do have their differences, though. Most seem to indicate that the creature was in the water. Some, however, say it was on land. This would be a problem for creatures with no legs. If these reports are true, they rule out Plesiosaurs and seals as ‘suspects.’ Well, maybe not entirely. Seals have been known to be on land.

There have been many expeditions and so-called sightings on and in the lake, but nothing has been conclusive about anything. A sonar scan showed some odd objects, but no one could tell what they were. Divers have swum through the loch’s waters, only to find nothing. A submarine was even launched, once again, with no results.

So, is or isn’t there a monster living in a lake in Scotland? Who knows?

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Mysterious Footprints in Devon

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

How many other creatures walk upright on two hooves?

In 1854-1855 a cold winter settled over southern England. On February 9, a layer of snow, two inches thick, covered all of the county of Devon. In the snow was found a trail of hoof prints. They were no ordinary prints left by a cow. It was said that they seemed to have been made by a cloven-hoofed creature walking upright. Indeed, there was but one set of prints, as if they had been made by a one legged animal or an animal that placed one foot directly in front of another. The prints were said to be “4 inches long and 2¾ inches wide.” What animal could have made this mysterious track?

In addition, the trail went on for 100 miles. Over walls (the snow on top was not disturbed), amongst other things, the tracks went. As if this were not enough, the creature that made them must have gone through a six-inch diameter hole. The tracks led up to the side of a barn, went in and out again, and all through a small hole. To complete the baffling footprints, they started in the middle of nowhere. They just… started. They ended mysteriously, too. When dogs were taken out to smell out the trail in clump of brush, it was said that they retreated, “howling mournfully.”

It seemed to most in the county of Devon that the Devil had walked amongst them at night. As if to confirm their suspicions, in places where they crossed ice, the prints seemed to be made by, “fiery hooves.”

So, did Satan decide to take a winter walk in Devon one night? Who knows? Besides, who cares? Well, dumb question, I know. A lot of people would not feel terribly good about that. However, what can we do? And if we could do anything, why should we? God allows it; leave it up to Him.

Horned wierdo(Pardon the lack of…

what shall we call it…


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2012: … The End?

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

2012: Doomsday?

Is  the end of the world approaching? Recently, there have been rumors that the world is to end in 2012. The Mayan calendar ends at that time and the earth is supposed to align itself with the center of the galaxy. Could these be omens that spell disaster? Or could they be omens of something different- the Judgment of the world, perhaps?

The Discovery Channel had an episode on this. In it, they tackled the problems facing them and sacked the quarterback. Pardon the football. Although the reliability of the discovery channel is, of course, debatable, I think that some important points were made.

One of the first issues addressed was the Mayan Calendar. Although it does, indeed, end in 2012, it does not signify the end of time. The Mayan calendar is a cycle. On December 20, 2012, the cycle will end. On the next day, a new cycle will begin. It was one of their many ways of measuring time.

The next issue was that of the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy. Scientifically, this means next to nothing concerning a large-scale catastrophe. On top of that, the true alignment would have really happened in 2011 .

One other thing, however, is that the sun has been predicted to be exhibiting extreme solar flare activity in 2012. A large solar flare could disrupt our magnetic field, causing a mass blackout. If this were to happen, many things could go wrong. Anything electrical would die, such as telephones, computers, lights, heating, TVs, radios, testing labs, and so on and so forth. The most delicate part of an experiment is about to be performed. A second’s delay and… oops. Two dictators are talking on the phone (unlikely). The power goes and each thinks that the other has hung up in disgust. The lights suddenly go out in the hospital.

Of course, there are some who believe that something else is to happen in 2012. Some people think that these omens might be indications of the rapture. Then again, some people think that there will be some sort of ‘revival’ in 2012. Now, since I am neither of these, you will pardon any mistakes I have made. Now, for all you ‘rivivals’, who knows. You might be right, and you might be wrong. For all the ‘rapturers’ you are wrong, at least as far as I know. No offense, but doesn’t the Bible clearly say that He will come “like a thief in the night”? It also says that, “When they are saying ‘peace and safety'” He will come. It also states that He will come when he is not expected. However, I leave you to your own assumptions.

So, is the world going to end in 2012? I doubt it, but you never know. Still, I would not consider this a good reason to stop work :).

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Big Foot: The Ape That has Eluded Man Since the Beginning of Time?

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The mysterious Sasquatch- Legend or reality?

It has been seen all over the world, it has gone by many names: Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti; now the time has come to decide: are all these sightings a hoax, or is there an illusive ape in the wild?

Well, we’ll never really know until we’re sure( get my meaning?), but something is obvious, isn’t it. Sure it’s possible, but the chances of a worldwide conspiracy to spread a myth about an undiscovered ape doesn’t seem likely. I mean, the advantages of having people running around in ape suits would be…? Improbable as it may be, we must remember that it is possible; possible, but hardly.

Some time ago, the discovery channel had a show on this very topic. A group of scientists got together and studied the evidence for Sasquatch. They examined foot prints, videos, sounds, and even saliva all supposedly of a Sasquatch. My favorite part of the show was when three or four scientists were examining a plaster cast. It was a cast of what was claimed to be an indentation of where a Sasquatch slept. The purpose of the examination was ‘to find a hair for DNA research.’ What was funny about this was the way they went about finding that hair. One of the scientists had long, black hair, and as he bent over the cast, examining it, his hair was brushing it. Then, he drew his head in a little, to where his hair had been, and promptly found a hair… Amazing!  Despite this, the hair was sent along to a lab to be DNA tested. The lab also had a mushroom which had supposedly been bitten into by a Sasquatch. Both tests returned negative.

Some of the video footage was more encouraging, however. The most famous clip, the one where the ape walks over a log and then into some woods, and a clip shot on memorial day were the most closely examined. The former clip came out positive. After a detailed examination, in which almost every aspect of the clip was studied, Many scientists declared the clip genuine. Such factors as a ‘bulge’ in the leg of the Sasquatch and the texture of the fur were taken into account. The bulge was explained by the probable placement of muscles. The fur would have had to been made better than a Hollywood premium suit, because that’s what it was tested against. Suspicious?

The other video, the one shot on Memorial Day, shows a Sasquatch running across a field and into some woods. Many people who had seen the video thought it looked as if the Sasquatch could run faster than any human ever could. This theory was dispelled, however, when the course was marked out and ran by a human and then compared to the video. The human runner ran significantly faster. One other odd thing about the Sasquatch, though, is that near the end, just before it enters the woods, it appears to grow suddenly in hieght by abklout two or three feet. Although they are unsure as to what the cause of this could be, most think the Sasquatch was carrying a baby and that it lifted it onto its head. In my opinion, this sounds reasonable.

A recording of some sounds said to be made by a Sasquatch were also examined. To me, they sounded something like a cross between a wolf howl and a monkey. An experienced expert in the field of animal sounds played them over and over several times. He said that they sounded like nothing he had ever heard before.

Over all, the studies seemed to point to an unidentified ape living world wide. Several scientists stated that they were convinced that Sasquatch existed. The question remains, however, how on earth can an entire species go unnoticed, while other species of ape and monkey have been thoroughly studied? We don’t know… yet. Only time will tell.

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UFOs: A Mystery of Space and Aliens; or of Man and Technology?

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The mystery of the UFOs- Invaders from space? Or a high-tech man-made bomber?

We all know the story of UFOs. How they are manned by aliens and come from outer space. But is that true? Certainly a few reports are hoaxes; people trying to get attention. But what about those that cannot be proven wrong? Is earth really being monitored by aliens?

The answer that most people might give is yes, but, if you stop to think about it, there is one overlooked problem. Ask anybody who believes that UFOs come from space where they got that idea, and they might have trouble answering you right away. If you think about it, when was the last time that you heard of a UFO that was actually in outer space? Confronted with this problem, someone might state that the people who saw them were on earth, and therefore could not see them entering the atmosphere. But what about the satellites? But of course, the UFOs would have a cloaking device. Very well, the theory that UFOs can possibly enter the atmosphere remains. However, the question still remains, if no one has seen a UFO in space, where did the idea come from that that is where they come from? Problem #1.

Suppose that UFOs didn’t come from outer space. Where would they come from? The answer may sound preposterous, but after due consideration, it makes plenty of sense, at least to me: the Nazis. Nazis? They wouldn’t have the technology! Ah, but consider. Who was the one to start firing missiles before anyone else? The Nazis. Although this may seem to be scant ‘proof’, there are other, more secretive, facts. Who would have invented the Atom Bomb, but didn’t consider it worth it? The Nazis. Although most have never heard of this useful piece of information, it is true. Dig around enough and you might find something that agrees.

Still, none of this proves that the Nazis invented UFOs. However, documents, until now hidden and kept secret, provide new evidence. Now, although this may be starting to sound like a science fiction movie, It is true, or at least, made to appear true. You see, most of the parts of this post are from the discovery channel. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not copied, just narrations of sorts.

The documents, along with other investigations, seem to be pointing to the Nazis as the creators of the UFOs. One other strange piece of evidence is that there are no ‘sightings’ before World War II. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Another odd fact is that the very first sighting was during WW II. Although it has been covered up, this sighting has finally been discovered. A group of British pilots saw something strange while they were flying over Germany. No one knew what it was, so they were told to keep it quiet.

Now, so far in this post, the previous paragraphs have been rather abstract. So allow me to give you the real story, or at least what I think is the real story, about UFOs. Most people know that Hitler wanted to take over the world. Obviously. But, what most people don’t know, is that he still thought he might win; even when Germany was falling to the Allies. He had a plan; a plan concerning UFOs. Some time before, a German scientist had invented a saucer-shaped object that could lift off vertically. This was exactly what Hitler needed. He was running out of airways. He needed something that needed minimal space to take off, and could strike a deadly blow. The UFO seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately for him, Berlin was taken before he could put his plan into motion: the plan to attack New York using Flying Saucers. As the allies invaded, the Saucers were hauled out onto thew runway- and burned. After the war, there was a mad scramble to get the designs for the UFO. The Russians got there first. The inventor of the UFOs traveled to Russia, and was immediately put to work. Later, when the supposed ‘UFO scare’ started, America was eager to get there hands on the designs.

But how did it all start? A pilot was flying his plane, when he saw nine saucer-shaped objects skimming over some mountains. Aliens? No, Russians. As soon as the U.S. government heard about it, they had to either calm everyone down, or come up with a good excuse. So where does the theory that UFOs come from outer space come from? Our government. When movies picked up the idea, the Government promoted it all they could.

However, the inventor, tired of the working for the Russians, decided to visit the U.S.. So, the end result is that the U.S. has the designs; and who knows what it’s doing with them.

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