UFOs: A Mystery of Space and Aliens; or of Man and Technology?

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The mystery of the UFOs- Invaders from space? Or a high-tech man-made bomber?

We all know the story of UFOs. How they are manned by aliens and come from outer space. But is that true? Certainly a few reports are hoaxes; people trying to get attention. But what about those that cannot be proven wrong? Is earth really being monitored by aliens?

The answer that most people might give is yes, but, if you stop to think about it, there is one overlooked problem. Ask anybody who believes that UFOs come from space where they got that idea, and they might have trouble answering you right away. If you think about it, when was the last time that you heard of a UFO that was actually in outer space? Confronted with this problem, someone might state that the people who saw them were on earth, and therefore could not see them entering the atmosphere. But what about the satellites? But of course, the UFOs would have a cloaking device. Very well, the theory that UFOs can possibly enter the atmosphere remains. However, the question still remains, if no one has seen a UFO in space, where did the idea come from that that is where they come from? Problem #1.

Suppose that UFOs didn’t come from outer space. Where would they come from? The answer may sound preposterous, but after due consideration, it makes plenty of sense, at least to me: the Nazis. Nazis? They wouldn’t have the technology! Ah, but consider. Who was the one to start firing missiles before anyone else? The Nazis. Although this may seem to be scant ‘proof’, there are other, more secretive, facts. Who would have invented the Atom Bomb, but didn’t consider it worth it? The Nazis. Although most have never heard of this useful piece of information, it is true. Dig around enough and you might find something that agrees.

Still, none of this proves that the Nazis invented UFOs. However, documents, until now hidden and kept secret, provide new evidence. Now, although this may be starting to sound like a science fiction movie, It is true, or at least, made to appear true. You see, most of the parts of this post are from the discovery channel. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not copied, just narrations of sorts.

The documents, along with other investigations, seem to be pointing to the Nazis as the creators of the UFOs. One other strange piece of evidence is that there are no ‘sightings’ before World War II. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Another odd fact is that the very first sighting was during WW II. Although it has been covered up, this sighting has finally been discovered. A group of British pilots saw something strange while they were flying over Germany. No one knew what it was, so they were told to keep it quiet.

Now, so far in this post, the previous paragraphs have been rather abstract. So allow me to give you the real story, or at least what I think is the real story, about UFOs. Most people know that Hitler wanted to take over the world. Obviously. But, what most people don’t know, is that he still thought he might win; even when Germany was falling to the Allies. He had a plan; a plan concerning UFOs. Some time before, a German scientist had invented a saucer-shaped object that could lift off vertically. This was exactly what Hitler needed. He was running out of airways. He needed something that needed minimal space to take off, and could strike a deadly blow. The UFO seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately for him, Berlin was taken before he could put his plan into motion: the plan to attack New York using Flying Saucers. As the allies invaded, the Saucers were hauled out onto thew runway- and burned. After the war, there was a mad scramble to get the designs for the UFO. The Russians got there first. The inventor of the UFOs traveled to Russia, and was immediately put to work. Later, when the supposed ‘UFO scare’ started, America was eager to get there hands on the designs.

But how did it all start? A pilot was flying his plane, when he saw nine saucer-shaped objects skimming over some mountains. Aliens? No, Russians. As soon as the U.S. government heard about it, they had to either calm everyone down, or come up with a good excuse. So where does the theory that UFOs come from outer space come from? Our government. When movies picked up the idea, the Government promoted it all they could.

However, the inventor, tired of the working for the Russians, decided to visit the U.S.. So, the end result is that the U.S. has the designs; and who knows what it’s doing with them.

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  1. me Says:

    And this leads us to the unknown object that crashed and was taken to area 51…

  2. He Who Knows Says:

    Supposedly, my friend, supposedly.

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