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Welcome to the page on Army of Four News. Please note that unless you are actually familiar with the four creators, as in see them from time to time, you likely will not understand most of what is posted here.

Ah. Yes. The Great Gathering has just concluded. Stretching for the entirety of three days, much was learned. However, I shall leave the write up of that part to more capable hands. I am here to relate the Great Game, which took place at the house of the First Standing One. In fact, there were two Great Games. The first was a traditional football game. Surrounded by cars on both sides, the players lined up. To’cash the Bloodchiller and the Green One were on opposite sides, so, naturally, this led to some rather violent line-backing experiences. Each side had two receivers/corners, a QB/safety, plus a linebacker to hike the ball, who also doubled as a receiver/corner. This overabundance of corners was soon made apparent by a startling number of blocks and interceptions. Schatten, as I recall, even blocked the ball, something that has not been seen for quite some time (Due, doubtless, that the many block attempts often turn into interceptions). I, by some strange stroke of good fortune, managed to catch the ball two or three times. (It may be I would have caught it more had it not been for the corner action of The Binder, who appeared to be somewhere around seven feet tall) However, it was the Green One who caught the rock, managed to avoid the grasping reach of The Binder, and scored the one and only touchdown. He promptly came panting out of the in-zone, remarking that that concluded the first half (rumors had been heard of his being ‘out of shape’ earlier). While he rested on a convenient car, more players were recruited, and a game of capture the flag was begun. Shimmering Sights was seen negotiating with an unseen person, but she finally arrived, and the game began. The sides were, if I can remember them correctly, with To’cash and The Fortunate Arrival team captains, me, Hawk; Abwiechen Schatten; The Fortunate Arrival; Shimmering Sights; The Surprise; and a new recruit, The Cloaked One. The other side consisted of To’cash  the Bloodchiller, the Green One, The Binder, The Vocal One, Brett Favre; and the Watcher. This ended in a victory for To’cash’s team, when both Schatten and Hawk rushed off to parts unknown early and quickly achieved finding themselves in jail. They were soon joined by The Fortunate Arrival, The Cloaked One, and then Shimmering Sights. Inspired by Schatten, a countdown began to a jail break, however, when the time limit was reached, we were informed of a technicality and had to start over. At last, The Surprise joined us, quickly followed by the other side’s victory, with none to oppose them. And so began round two. The teams for round two were, I believe, with me and the Binder team captains, To’cash, me, The Fortunate Arrival, Shimmering Sights, and The Surprise. The other side consisted of The Green One, The Binder, Schatten, The Cloaked One, and Brett Favre. The Binder made a fast foray deep into enemy territory, pursued by me. He was quickly joined by Schatten, who was follows by the Green One. The Surprise and To’cash came careening in to secure some prisoners, leaving me to deal with an escaping Green One. He made a fast getaway over a bed of rocks, but the other two were not so fortunate. Meanwhile, Brett Favre, I believe, made an offensive move of his own (All was chaos, and I may be wrong). While we attempted to deal with him, The Fortunate Arrival took the opportunity to delve into enemy territory and secure the flag. At this time, a transport vehicle was sighted warming up, and a sneaky escape was made necessary.

At any event, to any who may have happened by here for reasons best left unmentioned, so long, and never hesitate to fathom the many meanings of the letter ‘L’.

~Hawk. May you be reminded of caviar. Constantly. By all things.

Last modified on April 20, 2013

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