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Creating a Competitive Army

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

In this article, I hope to give good advice in creating competitive ideas. If you have suggestions, they’re welcome.

Step 1: Choose your theme. Select what type of army you want. Just no Dund or Deathwalker armies. For help, you can glance at these power rankings, which show which themes don’t quite work out comptetively.

Step 2: Add in some squads. You’ll want at least 3x, even 5x for some of the better squads in your army, to provide the main force, and what does the heavy lifting.

Step 3: Support. Add in support heroes that enhance your army. For example, Venoc Warlord in a viper army, or Mogrimm and Migol in a Dwarf army. To help find synergies, you can check out these charts.

Step 4: Add in all-around support. If you have the space, Raelin always works nicely, although not as much in Viper or other fast armies.

Step 5: Fill in the remaining points. Marcu and Isamu work well for these, and the Marro Warriors make for good clean-up. (Just remember, don’t clone too much.)

Of course, for the army to be good, you have to know what’s good. For example, 3 squads of Marro Calvary and Me-Burq-Sa for 440 points isn’t going to exactly win you any tournaments. However, this might be a good example of what works in creating an army:

Step 1: Chooses Orc theme, with the new D3 orcs.

Step 2: Chooses 4x Death Chasers.

Step 3: Chooses bonding heroes MBS, Nerak, and the Ogre Pulverizer.

Step 4: Adds in Raelin.

Step 5: No remaining points.

Conclusion: DCoT x4 / MBS / Nerak / OP / Raelin for 500 points. Not the best in the planet, but not bad.


Other advice:

– Rats work great with any and all range. This even goes for the Hydra, who can reach across their screen.

– Have fun. It’s just a game.

– Test out your armies. Even if it’s just against yourself, it can help perfect strategies.


Well, I’m out of ideas for my small guide. If I come up with some more, I’ll add them on later.

Marro Warriors

Friday, November 19th, 2010


The Marro Warriors wait to blast their enemies away.

Wave: None

Master set: Master set 1; Rise of the Valkyrie

Home World: Marr

Fights For: Utgar

Hit Zones: Everything but guns



Unique Squad



Medium 4


1 Life





50 Points


Water Clone

Instead of attacking with all of the Marro Warriors, one at a time, roll the 20-sided die for each Marro Warrior in play. If you roll a 15 or higher, place a previously destroyed Marro Warrior on a same-level space adjacent to that Marro Warrior. Any Marro Warrior on a water space needs a 10 or higher to Water Clone. You may only Water Clone after you move.


For only fifty points, the Marro Warriors can be a great deal. I, myself have not had A LOT of experience with them, but from what I hear, they are highly esteemed in the HeroScape world. At first glance, they may seem like a cheap strike force. They move fast and strike far. That combo is usually quite good in strike forces. They also can rise again, after your enemy ha blasted them away. One interesting idea I once had was using them as a backup defense. Send three of them out, use them for all their worth, and then, when the three are dead, leave them there. The other one will be situated in a patch of water, close to your must-have area. If the enemy approaches, they start spawning. Of course, Q9 and Q10 could fire away at them until they’re all dead, bur against the less multiple take-out figures, they can be a thorn in the side of any who oppose them.


A Marro Warrior relates his plans to the Hivelord.

He Who Knows’s HeroScape Stats

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

His motives: obscure. His methods: more so.

Home World: Earth?

Fights For: Who knows what.

Hit Zones: Everything the enemy can see.



Unique Hero

Talker, Comedian, Goofball


Medium 5


5 Lives






The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If this figure is adjacent to an engaged friendly figure, that figure will take no leaving engagement attacks. That figure also receives an extra attack die.


This figure may move up or down a single level at a time as if he was not doing so. This figure must move up and down more than one level at a time  normally.  This figure has a move of five when Stride is used.


When this figure attacks a non-adjacent figure or is attacked by a non-adjacent figure, roll the twenty-sided die. If you roll a fifteen or higher, ignore all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.


If this figure is attacked and only one wound would be dealt to it, ignore that wound. Avoid does not apply to counterstrike or leaving engagement attacks.

Custom Cards

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Now, sometimes it may seem like there aren’t enough figures in HeroScape. Maybe you have this brilliant idea on what you would love to play. But you can’t, right? Wrong. You can create professional-looking cards, with not too much effort.

First, you need to know what figure you want to use and the stats/special powers. I advise just writing this down on scratch paper. (ex. move, range, name, species, height…)

Then you estimate the points. (Just what you think it may be.) I did create this to help with this step. (Note that it is still being worked on.)

However, that’s not the end of it. You then must (and I can’t stress that enough) playtest. Playtesting is pitting it in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 games, many times in a row. (At least 5-10) Then you take note of the results, adjust the cost, and continue testing. Once you’re done, there’s still some work to do if you want it to look official.

Here are some official looking card blanks that you can download. (As jpegs) You can open them using Adobe Photoshop. From there, just use text boxes and a proper font (I use Arial)/size, and add in the stats/name/powers/personality/height…. Now, you’re almost done. Then you take a picture of the figure, with a contrasting background. Put that on your computer, use Photoshop to delete the background, and put it into your file of the card. (In Adobe Photoshop, put it on a new layer.) For the hitzone: Just use a paintbrush and color over it, and paste that in too. Neaten it up, maybe use a semi-transparent brush for fog, and you’re done!

A completed card may look like this:

(Created by myself)

This is meant to help create customs if you have Adobe Photoshop, and some knowledge of computers.


Brett Favre’s HeroScape Stats

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

A very realistic depiction of Brett Favre. (supressed laughing in background)

Home World: Earth

Fights For: Who knows what.

Hit Zones: Everything the enemy can see.



Unique Hero

Football player, Thinker, Philosopher, and genius


Medium 5


5 Lives






Talk the Enemy out of it

When Brett Favre is attacked with an attack from an adjacent figure, he may talk the attacker out of it. Literally or not. If not literally, then roll the 20-sided die. On a roll of 13 or higher, Ignore all damage that would be inflicted by the attack.


Whenever a squad figure you control is destroyed, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 16 or higher, place the figure back on the board, adjacent to the figure that destroyed it, and attacking that figure. The squad figure remains in play as if it were never destroyed until it is destroyed again. Process repeats.

Abwiechen Gleiche Schatten’s HeroScape Stats

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Scatten, with his many varied tools used for many purposes.

Home World: Earth

Fights For: A reason. What it may be, I know not.

Hit Zones: Everything the enemy wants to attempt to attack except for guns and various other related items That are not a part of him.



Incredible (a.k.a. Unique) Hero

Football player, Leader, Uh… Winner 🙂


Medium 5


6 Lives







If an object from a ranged special/normal attack would go past Schatten in its course towards its target, before the defending figure rolls defense die, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll an 11 or higher, 1) Ignore all damage from the attack against the attacked figure and 2) Redirect the attack at a figure of your choice within five spaces. All caracteristics of the attack remain. The target is the only thing different except for the range.

Lie in Wait

If Schatten attacks an adjacent figure or defends against an attack from an adjacent figure while he is next to either an obstacle or a cliff higher than he is, add three to his attack and defense for the rest of the turn.  You may not sue your hands, any other body part, previously destroyed figures, dice, an orange, or any other item that does not belong on the board to create an obstacle.

Sorrowsworn Reaper’s HeroScape Stats

Saturday, November 13th, 2010
A very realistic depiction

A very realistic depiction

Home World: Earth

Fights For: The love of fighting

Hit Zones: Everything but scythe



(Thankfully) Unique Hero

Warlord, Tyrant, General, and Linebacker(A darn good one too)


Medium 5


7 Lives






Clap-of-Dawn Special Attack

Range 1. Attack 6.  When a figure is wounded with Clap of Dawn roll the 20-die.  If you roll 8 or higher lay the wounded figure on its back and remove all order markers.  While on its back a figure may not roll any defense, receive any order markers or be moved over.  On each of the figures following turns roll the 20-die.  If you roll a 16 or higher, you may stand the figure back up and play as normal.  You can not Clap of Dawn a figure already on its back.

Leveling Blow

If Sorrowsworn Reaper attacks a figure that he was 3 spaces away from at the beginning of his turn, add 6 dice to his attack.


RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Competitive ‘Scape

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

There are two types of ‘Scape. Competitive and casual. The majority of people will play casually, but there are some who play competitively.

When playing casual ‘Scape, you generally don’t have many squads, and if you do, more of just your favorites. You might just be playing a 300-400 point game because you’re bored.

And then you have competitive ‘Scape.

When playing competitively, you are playing to win. You’re army is focused, and probably has 3-4x of a common squad. Raelin and Major Q9 are also probably in it. Not to mention at least one squad of Deathreavers (aka Rats).

For example, you might have:

Raelin (80/80)

Marro Stingers x6 (360/440)

Brave Arrow (50/490)

Isamu (10/500)

You have your common squads (stingers), Raelin to protect them, Brave Arrow to fill up the rest of the points, and Isamu because he’s one of the best figures (for his points) in the game.

When playing competitively though, you’re most likely not to be at your house. Of course, you would want to test your army out at home before going to… *drumroll*

A tournament!

Tournaments for HeroScape are often self-organized events (as in at someone’s house) where they let people know, set rules, and prizes/entry fees. In a tournament, you’re likely to see not too much variety for armies, as there aren’t a whole lot of competitive armies. For example, this thread shows the power rankings of HeroScape units. Reading through, you’ll find that there are only 3 A+ rated units, and 11 A units. But then there are 28 A- units, and 25 B+ units. Also, there just aren’t many competitive units that are easily available. (Would you like to buy a $20 Zelrig or a $30+ Laglor?)

Now, I’m not writing this article to complain about the lack of variety. The next part will suggest good ideas to use if you are in a tournament or are playing competitively.

1) RAELIN!!!

She’s extremely cheap, highly rated, and requires almost no Order Markers (OMs) on her. She provides an easy defense bonus to your squads, and helps prevent a disastrous Z-Bomb (Zelrig using his burst attack on some common squads).

2) Rats

They need only one or two OMs on them for the whole game, and they drive your opponent crazy after they engage their ranged or melee units and tie them down so your own troops are safe. Not to mention that they’re only 10 points per figure. Their Scatter and Disengage make them extremely mobile, so you’re opponent will have some trouble stopping them. They can also grab glyphs, and if killed, more can just scatter back on.

3) Common squads

There really isn’t much of an excuse to why you shouldn’t take 3-5x of common squads to a tournament. The multiple attacks is worth more that I could tell you. A hero versus that many points worth of squads (except rats) will lose 99% of the time. However, your army shouldn’t be entirely squads. Zelrig can destroy a full 24-hex start zone, so Raelin and Q9 can be helpful in preventing such a full start zone. Also, some squads bond with heroes. In that case, you would want some heroes to bond, because then it could be like you have a 5-man squad, which would be extremely overwhelming to any opponent. The best army in terms of attacks, although not the best, is one consisting of Kato and 3 squads each of Ashigaru Yari and Harquebus. Then you get 8 attacks per OM, but it is balanced out with low attack and defense values. (With that army, watch out for Zelrig!)

4) Don’t just go with what you like

You will need to make sure to include, if you want to win, not just units you love. Of course, by all means, make an army based on your favorite unit, but make sure to add in support and various other necessities (ex. Rats, Raelin…) to make it competitive. For example, the Marrden Hounds (B) aren’t the best, but you can still field them and not lose horribly, as long as you remember to add support. For example, you might want Raelin, to make them even tougher, 2x of the 4th Massachusetts Line to provide some range, and then Hounds (and Isamu or Marcu if you have some left over points). However, it’s fine to just go with your favorites if you aren’t aiming to win.

And finally, the most important thing: Have fun!



Thursday, October 21st, 2010


Brunak prepares to cleave his foes in two

Wave: None

Expansion: Orm’s Return

Home World: Feylund

Fights For: Utgar

Number in Set: 5/5

Hit Zones: Everything but sword



Unique Hero



Huge 8


3 Lives





110 Points



Before moving Brunak, choose an unengaged friendly small or medium figure adjacent to Brunak. After yu move Brunak, place the chosen figure adjacent to Brunak.

Blood Hungry Special Attack

Range 1. Attack 4.

If Brunak’s Blood Hungry Special Attack destroys a figure, Brunak may Attack asgain with his Blood Hungry Special Attack. Brunak may continue attacking wiht his Blood Hungry Special Attack untio he does not destroy a figure.

Lava Resistent

Brunak never rolls for molten lava damage or lava field damage and he does not have to stop in molten lava spaces.


Brunak is an extremely well-rounded figure in my opinion. First, his move of 6 allows him to get into the thick of things and where you need him quickly. He can also grab someone else and carry him into battle too. This is great because you accomplish the work of one-and-a-half order markers with one. Brunak could even troop over the battlefield and take his own personal healer with him!

Second, is his defense. With 7 defense, Brunak is usually a fairly sturdy figure. Although he does have only 3 life, he can sit in the thick of things and almost always come out of a battle alive when most everyone else is long gone.

Third, his attack is incredible. With his Blood Hungry Special Attack, he can wipe out whole squads in one turn if he gets lucky. Also, he’s no wimp at attacking the bigger guys. Although it is no Jötun smash, an attack of 4 can ussually elevate the stack of wound markers on an army card a bit higher.

Lastly, this great figure – to say nothing of his appearence – costs only 110 points!


Deathwalker stands in awe as Brunak bears down on him

Common Squads

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Under request from outside sources I put together this post about our thoughts about the number of common squads in an army.  It is my personal opinion that some common squads are very useful in large numbers, but for the most part common squads can stand on their own very nicely.  Some people say that commons are all built to go in hordes and uniques are meant to go solo when, frankly, if several certain commons were unique, nobody would say you need more of them.  With some people it seems as if it is just because there are common that they must buy more and not because they work well together at all.  I admit that most commons are a good in numbers because of order marker freedom and cheap cost, but I certainly don’t think that you should never use a common squads just because you don’t have two of them.  Some common squads are specialists (shades, Templar knights, most kyrie, grok riders, etc.) and are usually best in small numbers.  I think that two (and sometimes three) is a good temperate number for a squad that you are going to base your army around in a 500 point game (double that for a 1000 point game).  More than that (in my opinion) can be dangerous for the following reasons.


Lets face it, there are sooo many figures that specialize in taking care of squads and lots that have powers off to the side mostly to take care of squads.  Tor-Kul-Na can just run over any small or medium squads you throw at him, Zelrig is a common squads owner’s worst nightmare, Major Q9 will just mow down most any squad forces you throw at him while your attacks just bounce off him.  Even the extremely buyable wyrmlings are very point efficient at destroying squads.  This is not anti-squad doctrine, it just means that you should pick the squads you want and don’t go overboard with the numbers.


HeroScape is very much a game of strengths and weaknesses.  One army is only good relative to the army it is facing.  Strategies will only work against the same kind of people.  When you pick too many of the same squads, one figure in the enemy’s army that is strong to your squad’s weakness can do way more than its point value in damage.  For example, the Death Chasers of Thesk are pretty darn helpless to range.  An army containing too many of these can taken on almost single-handedly by Major Q9.  However, abstain from too much of this squad and buy maybe two, then add a Frost Giant of Morh and an agent squad, effectively countering the weakness presented by the rest of your army.  The more variety of weaknesses you plan for the better.

Don’t get me wrong, HUGE numbers of Drones are never a bad thing.  Several squads are made for large numbers and my point is mostly that most common squads can survive on their own too.  Many or few, that’s your prerogative, but as for me, I think the more variety that works well together the better.  Fewer weaknesses that way.

Ana Karithon

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010


Ana Karithon awaits the wounded behind some battlements

Wave: None

Master set: Master set 3; Battle for the Underdark

Home World: Toril

Fights For: Einar

Number in Set: 7/10

Hit Zones: Everything but staff



Unique Hero



Medium 5


5 Lives





100 Points


Turn Undead Special Attack

Range 4. Attack 4. Turn Undead Special Attack can be used to attack only Undead figures.

Protection from Evil Aura

All small or Medium figures you control within 3 clear sight spaces of Ana Karithon add 1 to their defense dice when rolling defense against an attack from a figure who follows Utgar. Ana Karithon’s Protection from Evil Aura does not affect Ana Karithon.

Healing Word

After revealing an Order Marker on a wounded small or medium Hero figure you control that is adjacent to Ana Karithon, and before using any other special powers on any Army Card or Glyph, you may first roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 13 or higfher, remove up to 2 wound markers from that Hero’s Army Card.


Although she is probably less well-known, and therefore less talked about, Ana Karithon is a rather interesting figure. If she is used correctly, she can be a great help to almost any army. If you position her so that she is in a cluster of your medium heroes, she can defend them from Utgar and heal them at the same time. The great thing about Ana is that you don’t have to put order markers on her. Note the Healing Touch. That way, you can strike with your heavier figures – like Sgt. Drake – and not waste any time on Ana. As long your opponent(s) attack you with Utgar figures – which is likely seeing as there are so many of them – You can also use her defense aura. Although definitely not a figure to count on winning a battle with, Ana can be help with the smaller heroes. Her only down side is her bad attack and defense. Ana is obviously not made to fight battles by herself.


Ana realizes too late that she should never have gone into battle

Ruins of the Desert Fortress

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

It is said that in a small desert somewhere in the North, lies the crumbling remains of an ancient fortress. This fortress was once a powerful outpost of that dreaded evil general, Utgar. Abandoned by it’s defenders on its fall, the fortress was left to powers of the wind and sand. Its walls tumbled down, and its foundations weakened. But now, before the last remnants are swept away, it will be the battlefield for one last confrontation.

The amount of players is optional. Two is recommended, but having one in the middle ought to work just fine. The starting zones here are very picky. For the two players on either end, they may place their army on any grass space not in the middle and not surrounded on three or more sides by liquid. Do not count the one grass space in the sand. For the third player, he may start in any dungeon/shadow space in the middle and on any grass space not surrounded on three or more sides by liquid in the middle. For that matter, you could have someone in the swamp come to think of it.

Some may speculate as to what a swamp is doing in a desert. The excuse is that Utgar cast some enchantment or something to make everlasting water well up from the ground. I know it sounds more jandarish, but what can I say? That I just sued all my pieces? No!

Armies are completely up to you. No scenario is specified, but if you have any ideas, just contact me and I’ll either make you a contributor so that you can write it up yourself, or I will do my best for you. Enjoy the board!


The ‘fortress’ is the dungeon island in the middle. Good elevation, rocks, and shadow to hide in make it very interesting.


A close-up of the fortress.


The swamp boarders one side of the board. The following are pictures of both ends of the board.



Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One

Defenders of the Gate

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

A gigantic castle, long since defended by the Valkyrie, is now under siege. An army has arisen out of the swamps to attack the gate. The defenders must rush to defend it before the attackers can get there.

This is an interesting board. To start, the ‘defenders’ are placed anywhere within the castle (excluding walls and the gatehouse). The boundary of the second army is left up to you, although it should probably be somewhere in the swamp. The defenders have to get to the gatehouse before the attackers do; otherwise, their gate could be destroyed. Speed is likely to be the first factor in the attacker’s strategy. Either that, or sit and wait it out. Although the later may take awhile, it is probably the better of the two. The attacker’s choice controls what the defender does. Of course, if the defender has a lot of fliers or sgt. drake, then there is no need to open the gate, and he can attack any time he wants to.

Here is the board, followed by another shot of it.



Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One

Challenge of the Arena

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

This board is a very interesting one. First, you pick where you start. Seeing as it is so large, several players can have different starting points and still have plenty of room. You could even have one player start in the arena and act as a guardian!

Since there is obviously an arena in the middle, the rule here would be that if two (or more)figures are in the arena at the same time, they can’t leave until there is only one left. This obviously presents some problems, seeing as probably the only person to enter the arena would be the Hulk. So, my suggestion would be after taking a turn with a figure or figures, you should roll the twenty sided die. You could work some numbering system out between the other players, but I would say something like an 18 or higher might suffice.

Good Luck! (you’re going to need it!)

The ultimate board for duelists.

Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One

Defenders of the Walls

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

There is a small rise in the middle of a vast plain. A waterfall tumbles down this slope, forming a pool at the base. A little space away from the rise are two battered walls. Their origin and purpose are forgotten. However, some recent discoveries have been made there…

A field of powerful findings has recently been uncovered at the base of the two walls. Artifacts, that give power to whoever finds them, have been unearthed. Out of nowhere, there seems to rise an army. It amasses its strength and begins to march toward the walls. It is small, but powerful. Enemies join together in it. Surprised by these sudden happening, a Kyrie general has put together a small defense force. Its numbers are equal to that of the advancing army, but it is perhaps not quite so powerful. Stationed by the pool, there is little, if any, order in it. Still, a disordered army is better than no army, and they face the oncoming foe with what little courage they have…

Defenders of the Walls pb

As you can see, the ‘Artifacts of Power’ are the glyphs behind the walls. One side wants to defend the glyphs, while the other wants to destroy the defenders. The defenders are weaker, but they do have a height advantage. They would be even better off if they could get at the glyphs themselves: however, they are not to touch them for ‘archeological purposes’. They can, however, get at the glyphs not behind the walls.

Defenders of the Walls ap

MG= Mimring

NGS= Ne-Gok-Sa

SS= Syvarris

DR= Deathwalker 9000

GK= Grimnak

AC= Agent Carr

ZG= Zetian Guard(s)

TVW= Tarn Viking Warriors

RN= Raelin the Kyrie Warrior

TM= Thorgrim the Viking Champion

FN= Finn the Viking Champion

MW= Marro Warriors

SD= Sargent Drake Alexander

IS= Izumi Samurai


  1. Place the glyphs and figures where specified. The airborne elite drop as normal and are on the invader’s side. Although they aren’t shown, the Krav Maga Agents are on the invader’s side and take the three spaces directly in front and slightly to either side of Mimring.
  2. The ‘invaders’ act normally. Although they are trying to get the glyphs, they also want to annihilate the other side. The defenders may not land on the glyphs behind the walls, but all other glyphs are fine. If a glyph behind the wall is landed on and it is temporary, then the defenders can move onto the space. Just no ‘wall glyphs’: tiles are fine.
  3. The invaders move first.
  4. All other rules apply for normal play. Other than the rules here, it is a normal battle.

Here are some more shots of the board:




This last shot is one of the board: level one.


Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One