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Welcome! Here, you can read about all our authors at Army of Four. Of course, you can read about us, too.  But first, our authors:

Drachen, Master of Speed

Drachen was the first to become an author at Army of Four. He currently has no articles.

DrAwsm, Master of the Void

DrAwsm was the second to establish contact and become an author. He, too, has no articles in his name.

Fen Hydra, Master of Opinions

Fen Hydra was the third to join us. After the first two authors, we were hoping that he would begin posting. He did, and currently has three articles.

IHA, Master of Opinions

IHA, though not registered, has contributed greatly to the comments on our site. We thank him for his contributions.

And now, on to our admins:

He Who Knows, Master of Administration

He Who Knows (Hawk for short) was the first admin for the Army of Four site. He has accumulated many posts, which you may see under his author tab.

Brett Favre, Master of the Void

Brett Favre was the first to post on the Army of Four site. He has a small amount of posts in his name, but usually leaves the administrating to the other three admins.

Sorrowsworn Reaper, Master of Destruction

Sorrowsworn Reaper is, uh, sudden might be a good description. Although conversations with him are somewhat rare, when he does say something, he will deliver it like a thunderclap.

Abwiechen Glieche Schatten, Master of Control

Schatten is the second most active admin, posting and commenting almost as much as Hawk. This site would be a dull place without him.

Last modified on January 7, 2011

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