The Loch Ness Monster: A prehistoric beast, or imagination?

Posted by on September 10, 2010

There is a lake in northern Scotland known as Loch Ness. This lake, cold, deep, and dark, is said to be the home of a monster. Sounds pretty spooky right? Okay, maybe not. This mystery remains unsolved (in case you didn’t know), so, let’s first look at it assuming there is nothing in the loch, and then look at it assuming there is.

A man is driving by Loch Ness one fine day, and happens to notice an old log floating in the water. He comments that it slightly resembles a long-necked reptile. His passenger, a news-reporter who is faced with the proposition of no job unless he can get a new story soon, seizes on the idle words. Tomorrow’s headline reads: Man Barely Escapes from Encounter with Ferocious Monster at Loch Ness. Okay, it wouldn’t be that long. But the point is, it’s possible isn’t it? Someone makes a remark that sparks someone else’s interest. The someone else tells his friend, his friend tells his friend, his friend tells his brother, his brother tells his aunt, his aunt tells her son, her son tells Jo down the street, and Jo down the street tells Bob, who happens to be a news reporter. By that time, the story has been warped from a harmless tree branch in a lake to a life-and-death struggle between a beast armed with 5-foot long teeth, 9-foot long claws, and eyes the size of UFOs, and a man with a stick. Then people start to look for the terrible ‘Loch Ness Monster.’ As they drive by, guess what they see? A tree branch situated next to a rock and an apple? No! The Loch Ness Monster! You can still hear the screams as they speed away at 90 miles an hour. The Myth grows.

Now, look at it assuming that there is something in the lake. After all, who knows? The reports could be true. If there is a creature in the lake, how did it get there? Probably the same way all the other animals get in lakes (and no, not by evolution). What would this creature be? A long necked Plesiosaur as so many of the reports say? Or possibly a Giant Seal? Whatever it is, the reports seem to agree that it is big.

The reports do have their differences, though. Most seem to indicate that the creature was in the water. Some, however, say it was on land. This would be a problem for creatures with no legs. If these reports are true, they rule out Plesiosaurs and seals as ‘suspects.’ Well, maybe not entirely. Seals have been known to be on land.

There have been many expeditions and so-called sightings on and in the lake, but nothing has been conclusive about anything. A sonar scan showed some odd objects, but no one could tell what they were. Divers have swum through the loch’s waters, only to find nothing. A submarine was even launched, once again, with no results.

So, is or isn’t there a monster living in a lake in Scotland? Who knows?

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4 Responses to “The Loch Ness Monster: A prehistoric beast, or imagination?”

  1. Elven Lord Says:

    Ok let’s face it people get bored. When people get bored they seek a catastrophe. When they find a simple little wathamacallit, they instantly turn it into something similar to what he who knows wrote. Now that’s one disclaimer. Here’s one advocating idea;

    The fact is that the ocean is vast. It is filled with billions of different kinds of creatures all with unique traits. The massive ecosystems of the oceans are among the most stable on Earth. They support gigantic creatures, some of which have been known to live for hundreds even thousands of years. Scratch that there is one species that is immortal. I’ll discuss that in my own page at a later time when I actually can write it. Think about it. You continually get positive nutrition and exercise your life expectancy would increase drastically. Also not all of the ocean is explored, and in it’s deepest parts may never be explored. So here’s the scenario.

    A sea creature from the Jurassic period finds a cavern filled with water. Where does it lead? it wonders. It goes in, and swims deeper and deeper into the Earths crest. Eventually it angles up. The creature, ends up in a large pool of water in Scotland which would later be called a lake. Now the lake doesn’t have enough food to support it, but it is connected deep underground with the ocean. So when the creature needs to eat it goes just outside the entrance and hunts, then it goes back to the lake where it is safe from predators like the Carcarodon Megaladon.

    Of course the fact is that in people’s generally boring lives a nice mystery or horror story here and there help keep things lively. I would be pretty upset if someone uncovered the truth about this one revealing at a hoax. Now if it wasn’t, I might just change my major so that I could study it.

  2. He Who Knows Says:

    Yeah all that stuff… Pretty amazing what some random changes will do huh? Or… could this stuff possibly have a design… What seems logical? The catastrophic mutations and random changes in an orderly world? Or an orderly designer behind a well-designed world?

  3. Elven Lord Says:

    How about a Hoax?

  4. He Who Knows Says:

    I don’t know. Really.

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