Mysterious Footprints in Devon

Posted by on September 3, 2010

How many other creatures walk upright on two hooves?

In 1854-1855 a cold winter settled over southern England. On February 9, a layer of snow, two inches thick, covered all of the county of Devon. In the snow was found a trail of hoof prints. They were no ordinary prints left by a cow. It was said that they seemed to have been made by a cloven-hoofed creature walking upright. Indeed, there was but one set of prints, as if they had been made by a one legged animal or an animal that placed one foot directly in front of another. The prints were said to be “4 inches long and 2¾ inches wide.” What animal could have made this mysterious track?

In addition, the trail went on for 100 miles. Over walls (the snow on top was not disturbed), amongst other things, the tracks went. As if this were not enough, the creature that made them must have gone through a six-inch diameter hole. The tracks led up to the side of a barn, went in and out again, and all through a small hole. To complete the baffling footprints, they started in the middle of nowhere. They just… started. They ended mysteriously, too. When dogs were taken out to smell out the trail in clump of brush, it was said that they retreated, “howling mournfully.”

It seemed to most in the county of Devon that the Devil had walked amongst them at night. As if to confirm their suspicions, in places where they crossed ice, the prints seemed to be made by, “fiery hooves.”

So, did Satan decide to take a winter walk in Devon one night? Who knows? Besides, who cares? Well, dumb question, I know. A lot of people would not feel terribly good about that. However, what can we do? And if we could do anything, why should we? God allows it; leave it up to Him.

Horned wierdo(Pardon the lack of…

what shall we call it…


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