Greater Ice Elemental

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The Greater Ice Elemental ruling over his remaining territory.

Wave: D-1; Champions of Forgotten Realms

Expansion Pack: Glaun Bog Raiders

Home World: Toril

Fights For: Jandar

Number in Set: 11/20

Hit Zones: Whole Body



Uncommon Hero



Huge 8


4 Lives





130 Points


Ice Cold: While a Greater Ice Elemental is on a water or ice space, that space and all same-level water spaces adjacent to that Greater Ice Elemental are considered normal ice spaces.  Figures do not have to stop their movement on normal ice spaces.

Ice Spikes 15: If an opponent’s figure moves adjacent to this Greater Ice Elemental, roll the 20-sided die.  If this Greater Ice Elemental is on at least one ice or snow space, add 2 to your dice roll.  If you roll a 15 or higher, the opponent’s figure receives 1 wound.  Figures can be affected by Ice Spikes only as they move into engagement with this Greater Ice Elemental.

Cold Healing: After taking a turn with this Greater Ice Elemental, if it is on at least one snow or ice space, remove 1 wound marker from this Greater Ice Elemental’s Army Card.


The only time we have used this piece in a game it was destroyed in one turn by the Fen Hydra, but that was an unlucky twist of fate and I wouldn’t count on that in picking.  This figure would be invincible a snow battle and still probably, considering everything, under priced in normal battles.  The only time it is over priced is in battlefields where you wouldn’t want it period.  Its’ lack of lives is the only thing that keeps it in check, and usually it gets off a couple heals anyway.  The “Greater” part in its’ name implies that there will be a Lesser Ice Elemental at some point, but who knows with all the strange stuff d & d is doing.


The Knights Templar charge into the spikes of the Greater Ice Elemental.

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