Othkurik the Black Dragon

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Othkurik the Black Dragon lurks atop a mound.

Wave: None

Master set: Master set 3; Battle for the Underdark

Home World: Toril

Fights For: Utgar

Number in Set: 6/10

Hit Zones: Whole body



Unique Hero



Large 6


5 Lives





140 Points


Acid Spray Special Attack: Range 4.  Attack 4.  Choose a figures to attack.  You may also choose up to two other figures adjacent to the targeted figure to be affected by Acid Spray Special Attack.  Roll attack dice once for all affected figures.  Each figure rolls defense dice separately.

Lurking Ambush: If Othkurik starts his turn unengaged and on at least one shadow or swamp water space, for this turn add 1  to Othkurik’s movement and add 3 to his Attack value.

Flying: Standard flying.


For being cheaper than Mimring, Othkurik is usually better.  He has exactly the same statistics with Acid Spray and Lurking Ambush against his larger kin’s Fire Line.  Of course, Fire Line has a good range (especially when your enemies are lined up) and Mimring is not plagued by the powers that effect Large people, which is why he has some times where he is better.  But Othkurik is a real deal for those looking for a cheap beastie with a bite.  He is naturely quite good in swamp battlefields and it really helps when there is shadow he can land on.  With the Greenscale Warriors he can be a worthy king, having his subjects maul the enemy while he spits over their heads.  He is picked fairly often in our games, doing himself credit for the most part (save that indecent with Migol Ironwill which you will hear about on his page I’m sure).  Like his large gold cousin he is not much good for tanking and should be used mostly for specialist purposes.


Othkurik prepares to ambush Shiori.

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