On the origin of the names

Posted by on May 7, 2010

One who peruses this site might (and better) notice the wide variety of strange names found therein. Such names are almost always not the result of various brain cells running into one another. They are, instead, the highly-sophisticated result of two cells sidling up to a third which they push into the center of a rather astonishing formation of three cells where the third cell finds himself trapped by five cells which have all been before mentioned and if you do not know what I am talking about, then you have not paid any attention to this sentence at all and I wish you would. Now, the cell that finds himself trapped begins to secrete a powerful chemical, known in the world of science as Hemptosphickticlaphiticolarkiticozoanticic fumes. These Hemptosphickticlaphiticolarkiticozoanticic fumes create such a powerful oder, that the other cells immediately flee from the one producing them. These cells race around the brain and bump into other cells, which, in turn, thinking there is some danger at hand, flee in all directions at once. Now, where as it would be impossible to literally flee in all directions at once for you and me, the cells simply split apart, thus creating so many of themselves that they are, in a manner of speaking, running in all directions at once. This sudden production of brain cells tricks the brain into thinking that the production rate must be up. Therefore, when the cells stop running around uttering shrieks far beyond the level of human hearing, The brain thinks that something must be wrong. It therefore casts about within itself, searching for a solution to the problem that it thinks exists but doesn’t while it thinks it does but doesn’t. It comes up with several solutions at once (as most good brains do) and thus creates a vast variety of ideas and words.

When thinking of a name, these moments of, as we sometimes term it,  Inventiveness, come in handy. For example, at this very moment, I am thinking of several different things at once. If mashed together, they might present a rather fearful picture:

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So when trying to think of a name, many thoughts melt together and form something completely absurd, unfocused, and dryly humorous.

-The Hemptosphickticlaphiticolarkiticozoanticic One

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