Creating a Competitive Army

Posted by on January 4, 2011

In this article, I hope to give good advice in creating competitive ideas. If you have suggestions, they’re welcome.

Step 1: Choose your theme. Select what type of army you want. Just no Dund or Deathwalker armies. For help, you can glance at these power rankings, which show which themes don’t quite work out comptetively.

Step 2: Add in some squads. You’ll want at least 3x, even 5x for some of the better squads in your army, to provide the main force, and what does the heavy lifting.

Step 3: Support. Add in support heroes that enhance your army. For example, Venoc Warlord in a viper army, or Mogrimm and Migol in a Dwarf army. To help find synergies, you can check out these charts.

Step 4: Add in all-around support. If you have the space, Raelin always works nicely, although not as much in Viper or other fast armies.

Step 5: Fill in the remaining points. Marcu and Isamu work well for these, and the Marro Warriors make for good clean-up. (Just remember, don’t clone too much.)

Of course, for the army to be good, you have to know what’s good. For example, 3 squads of Marro Calvary and Me-Burq-Sa for 440 points isn’t going to exactly win you any tournaments. However, this might be a good example of what works in creating an army:

Step 1: Chooses Orc theme, with the new D3 orcs.

Step 2: Chooses 4x Death Chasers.

Step 3: Chooses bonding heroes MBS, Nerak, and the Ogre Pulverizer.

Step 4: Adds in Raelin.

Step 5: No remaining points.

Conclusion: DCoT x4 / MBS / Nerak / OP / Raelin for 500 points. Not the best in the planet, but not bad.


Other advice:

– Rats work great with any and all range. This even goes for the Hydra, who can reach across their screen.

– Have fun. It’s just a game.

– Test out your armies. Even if it’s just against yourself, it can help perfect strategies.


Well, I’m out of ideas for my small guide. If I come up with some more, I’ll add them on later.

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    Wow. I’ll be referring back to this article for a while. Thanks for the addition.

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