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Posted by on November 14, 2010

Now, sometimes it may seem like there aren’t enough figures in HeroScape. Maybe you have this brilliant idea on what you would love to play. But you can’t, right? Wrong. You can create professional-looking cards, with not too much effort.

First, you need to know what figure you want to use and the stats/special powers. I advise just writing this down on scratch paper. (ex. move, range, name, species, height…)

Then you estimate the points. (Just what you think it may be.) I did create this to help with this step. (Note that it is still being worked on.)

However, that’s not the end of it. You then must (and I can’t stress that enough) playtest. Playtesting is pitting it in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 games, many times in a row. (At least 5-10) Then you take note of the results, adjust the cost, and continue testing. Once you’re done, there’s still some work to do if you want it to look official.

Here are some official looking card blanks that you can download. (As jpegs) You can open them using Adobe Photoshop. From there, just use text boxes and a proper font (I use Arial)/size, and add in the stats/name/powers/personality/height…. Now, you’re almost done. Then you takeĀ a picture of the figure, with a contrasting background. Put that on your computer, use Photoshop to delete the background, and put it into your file of the card. (In Adobe Photoshop, put it on a new layer.) For the hitzone: Just use a paintbrush and color over it, and paste that in too. Neaten it up, maybe use a semi-transparent brush for fog, and you’re done!

A completed card may look like this:

(Created by myself)

This is meant to help create customs if you have Adobe Photoshop, and some knowledge of computers.


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  1. He Who Knows Says:

    Nice post, Fen Hydra. Another thing you can use is It’s free to download, and it’s incredible! I just took a picture of a card, and then made a template from that. After that, I fill it in as I please. Very simple and easy to do, if you have some time.
    ~ He Who Knows.

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