Abwiechen Gleiche Schatten’s HeroScape Stats

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Scatten, with his many varied tools used for many purposes.

Home World: Earth

Fights For: A reason. What it may be, I know not.

Hit Zones: Everything the enemy wants to attempt to attack except for guns and various other related items That are not a part of him.



Incredible (a.k.a. Unique) Hero

Football player, Leader, Uh… Winner 🙂


Medium 5


6 Lives







If an object from a ranged special/normal attack would go past Schatten in its course towards its target, before the defending figure rolls defense die, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll an 11 or higher, 1) Ignore all damage from the attack against the attacked figure and 2) Redirect the attack at a figure of your choice within five spaces. All caracteristics of the attack remain. The target is the only thing different except for the range.

Lie in Wait

If Schatten attacks an adjacent figure or defends against an attack from an adjacent figure while he is next to either an obstacle or a cliff higher than he is, add three to his attack and defense for the rest of the turn.  You may not sue your hands, any other body part, previously destroyed figures, dice, an orange, or any other item that does not belong on the board to create an obstacle.

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