Sorrowsworn Reaper’s HeroScape Stats

Posted by on November 13, 2010

A very realistic depiction

A very realistic depiction

Home World: Earth

Fights For: The love of fighting

Hit Zones: Everything but scythe



(Thankfully) Unique Hero

Warlord, Tyrant, General, and Linebacker(A darn good one too)


Medium 5


7 Lives






Clap-of-Dawn Special Attack

Range 1. Attack 6.  When a figure is wounded with Clap of Dawn roll the 20-die.  If you roll 8 or higher lay the wounded figure on its back and remove all order markers.  While on its back a figure may not roll any defense, receive any order markers or be moved over.  On each of the figures following turns roll the 20-die.  If you roll a 16 or higher, you may stand the figure back up and play as normal.  You can not Clap of Dawn a figure already on its back.

Leveling Blow

If Sorrowsworn Reaper attacks a figure that he was 3 spaces away from at the beginning of his turn, add 6 dice to his attack.


RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses to “Sorrowsworn Reaper’s HeroScape Stats”

  1. Kaiser Cat Says:

    If you lay a double spaced and/or large figure on it’s back, do other figures have to spend extra moves to climb over it?

  2. He Who Knows Says:

    You would have to ask Schatten about that. For me, I’d say that if the moving figure is equal to or smaller than the tipped figure, the moving figure has to count 1 space to mount, 1 space to cross (or more depending on how much the tipped figure covers), and then may continue moving. I’m not sure about ending the movement on the figure though. That could get complicated. Especially if the figure suddenly gets up. 🙂 If the figure is larger than the tipped figure, then it could probably just hop onto it without having to count a space for mounting.

  3. Abweichen Gleiche Schatten Says:

    To Kaiser Cat, yep. Like moving through heavy snow and you can’t land on the spaces occupied by the other figure’s body.

  4. Video Says:

    Спасибо понравилось ! Thanks !
    Заходите и к нам! Ладно?

  5. He Who Knows Says:

    Не смогите сделать то. Не знайте ничего о вас. Огорченно. Упование вы наслаждаетесь местом!

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