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There are two types of ‘Scape. Competitive and casual. The majority of people will play casually, but there are some who play competitively.

When playing casual ‘Scape, you generally don’t have many squads, and if you do, more of just your favorites. You might just be playing a 300-400 point game because you’re bored.

And then you have competitive ‘Scape.

When playing competitively, you are playing to win. You’re army is focused, and probably has 3-4x of a common squad. Raelin and Major Q9 are also probably in it. Not to mention at least one squad of Deathreavers (aka Rats).

For example, you might have:

Raelin (80/80)

Marro Stingers x6 (360/440)

Brave Arrow (50/490)

Isamu (10/500)

You have your common squads (stingers), Raelin to protect them, Brave Arrow to fill up the rest of the points, and Isamu because he’s one of the best figures (for his points) in the game.

When playing competitively though, you’re most likely not to be at your house. Of course, you would want to test your army out at home before going to… *drumroll*

A tournament!

Tournaments for HeroScape are often self-organized events (as in at someone’s house) where they let people know, set rules, and prizes/entry fees. In a tournament, you’re likely to see not too much variety for armies, as there aren’t a whole lot of competitive armies. For example, this thread shows the power rankings of HeroScape units. Reading through, you’ll find that there are only 3 A+ rated units, and 11 A units. But then there are 28 A- units, and 25 B+ units. Also, there just aren’t many competitive units that are easily available. (Would you like to buy a $20 Zelrig or a $30+ Laglor?)

Now, I’m not writing this article to complain about the lack of variety. The next part will suggest good ideas to use if you are in a tournament or are playing competitively.

1) RAELIN!!!

She’s extremely cheap, highly rated, and requires almost no Order Markers (OMs) on her. She provides an easy defense bonus to your squads, and helps prevent a disastrous Z-Bomb (Zelrig using his burst attack on some common squads).

2) Rats

They need only one or two OMs on them for the whole game, and they drive your opponent crazy after they engage their ranged or melee units and tie them down so your own troops are safe. Not to mention that they’re only 10 points per figure. Their Scatter and Disengage make them extremely mobile, so you’re opponent will have some trouble stopping them. They can also grab glyphs, and if killed, more can just scatter back on.

3) Common squads

There really isn’t much of an excuse to why you shouldn’t take 3-5x of common squads to a tournament. The multiple attacks is worth more that I could tell you. A hero versus that many points worth of squads (except rats) will lose 99% of the time. However, your army shouldn’t be entirely squads. Zelrig can destroy a full 24-hex start zone, so Raelin and Q9 can be helpful in preventing such a full start zone. Also, some squads bond with heroes. In that case, you would want some heroes to bond, because then it could be like you have a 5-man squad, which would be extremely overwhelming to any opponent. The best army in terms of attacks, although not the best, is one consisting of Kato and 3 squads each of Ashigaru Yari and Harquebus. Then you get 8 attacks per OM, but it is balanced out with low attack and defense values. (With that army, watch out for Zelrig!)

4) Don’t just go with what you like

You will need to make sure to include, if you want to win, not just units you love. Of course, by all means, make an army based on your favorite unit, but make sure to add in support and various other necessities (ex. Rats, Raelin…) to make it competitive. For example, the Marrden Hounds (B) aren’t the best, but you can still field them and not lose horribly, as long as you remember to add support. For example, you might want Raelin, to make them even tougher, 2x of the 4th Massachusetts Line to provide some range, and then Hounds (and Isamu or Marcu if you have some left over points). However, it’s fine to just go with your favorites if you aren’t aiming to win.

And finally, the most important thing: Have fun!


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