Ana Karithon

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Ana Karithon awaits the wounded behind some battlements

Wave: None

Master set: Master set 3; Battle for the Underdark

Home World: Toril

Fights For: Einar

Number in Set: 7/10

Hit Zones: Everything but staff



Unique Hero



Medium 5


5 Lives





100 Points


Turn Undead Special Attack

Range 4. Attack 4. Turn Undead Special Attack can be used to attack only Undead figures.

Protection from Evil Aura

All small or Medium figures you control within 3 clear sight spaces of Ana Karithon add 1 to their defense dice when rolling defense against an attack from a figure who follows Utgar. Ana Karithon’s Protection from Evil Aura does not affect Ana Karithon.

Healing Word

After revealing an Order Marker on a wounded small or medium Hero figure you control that is adjacent to Ana Karithon, and before using any other special powers on any Army Card or Glyph, you may first roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 13 or higfher, remove up to 2 wound markers from that Hero’s Army Card.


Although she is probably less well-known, and therefore less talked about, Ana Karithon is a rather interesting figure. If she is used correctly, she can be a great help to almost any army. If you position her so that she is in a cluster of your medium heroes, she can defend them from Utgar and heal them at the same time. The great thing about Ana is that you don’t have to put order markers on her. Note the Healing Touch. That way, you can strike with your heavier figures – like Sgt. Drake – and not waste any time on Ana. As long your opponent(s) attack you with Utgar figures – which is likely seeing as there are so many of them – You can also use her defense aura. Although definitely not a figure to count on winning a battle with, Ana can be help with the smaller heroes. Her only down side is her bad attack and defense. Ana is obviously not made to fight battles by herself.


Ana realizes too late that she should never have gone into battle

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