Ruins of the Desert Fortress

Posted by on October 19, 2010

It is said that in a small desert somewhere in the North, lies the crumbling remains of an ancient fortress. This fortress was once a powerful outpost of that dreaded evil general, Utgar. Abandoned by it’s defenders on its fall, the fortress was left to powers of the wind and sand. Its walls tumbled down, and its foundations weakened. But now, before the last remnants are swept away, it will be the battlefield for one last confrontation.

The amount of players is optional. Two is recommended, but having one in the middle ought to work just fine. The starting zones here are very picky. For the two players on either end, they may place their army on any grass space not in the middle and not surrounded on three or more sides by liquid. Do not count the one grass space in the sand. For the third player, he may start in any dungeon/shadow space in the middle and on any grass space not surrounded on three or more sides by liquid in the middle. For that matter, you could have someone in the swamp come to think of it.

Some may speculate as to what a swamp is doing in a desert. The excuse is that Utgar cast some enchantment or something to make everlasting water well up from the ground. I know it sounds more jandarish, but what can I say? That I just sued all my pieces? No!

Armies are completely up to you. No scenario is specified, but if you have any ideas, just contact me and I’ll either make you a contributor so that you can write it up yourself, or I will do my best for you. Enjoy the board!


The ‘fortress’ is the dungeon island in the middle. Good elevation, rocks, and shadow to hide in make it very interesting.


A close-up of the fortress.


The swamp boarders one side of the board. The following are pictures of both ends of the board.



Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One

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2 Responses to “Ruins of the Desert Fortress”

  1. DrAwsm Says:

    I know this is just me being nit-picky, but if it is desert, why is there a swamp? Also, grass and water are supposed to be scarce in a desert. Would you be willing to “refine” the board so that it more accurately represents a desert? The ruined fortress is nice!

  2. He Who Knows Says:

    I believe the description of the board explains the swamp and water. And besides, I wanted to use all my pieces!

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