Defenders of the Gate

Posted by on October 19, 2010

A gigantic castle, long since defended by the Valkyrie, is now under siege. An army has arisen out of the swamps to attack the gate. The defenders must rush to defend it before the attackers can get there.

This is an interesting board. To start, the ‘defenders’ are placed anywhere within the castle (excluding walls and the gatehouse). The boundary of the second army is left up to you, although it should probably be somewhere in the swamp. The defenders have to get to the gatehouse before the attackers do; otherwise, their gate could be destroyed. Speed is likely to be the first factor in the attacker’s strategy. Either that, or sit and wait it out. Although the later may take awhile, it is probably the better of the two. The attacker’s choice controls what the defender does. Of course, if the defender has a lot of fliers or sgt. drake, then there is no need to open the gate, and he can attack any time he wants to.

Here is the board, followed by another shot of it.



Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One

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