Challenge of the Arena

Posted by on October 19, 2010

This board is a very interesting one. First, you pick where you start. Seeing as it is so large, several players can have different starting points and still have plenty of room. You could even have one player start in the arena and act as a guardian!

Since there is obviously an arena in the middle, the rule here would be that if two (or more)figures are in the arena at the same time, they can’t leave until there is only one left. This obviously presents some problems, seeing as probably the only person to enter the arena would be the Hulk. So, my suggestion would be after taking a turn with a figure or figures, you should roll the twenty sided die. You could work some numbering system out between the other players, but I would say something like an 18 or higher might suffice.

Good Luck! (you’re going to need it!)

The ultimate board for duelists.

Although I realize it might be hard to build exactly the boards from these pictures, I suggest you build them by this model. Wherever you see a swamp, feel free to be completely creative. Make your own swamp. Rock, make your own, and so on. This might present problems with some of the scenarios though, so just keep things in pretty much the same place.

-The Reordered Reordering Orderly One

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